How to add EPG to Xtream Codes IPTV Panel

Go to Your Panel -> Manage Epg and add the EPG URL from “My EPG” section.


EPG Xtream Codes


After hitting the “Do it” button, system will check if the Given Source File is in valid XMLTV Format. If it is, you will see the EPG Source added below like this:


EPG Xtream Codes


The next important and final thing that we have to do is to match our streams with the TV Listings inside that EPG File. XMLTV Files contains some Channel IDs, so we need to tell the system where the channel id of XML File should be assigned to, so we can fetch the EPG Data to specific channel only.


For this, we need to go to Your Panel -> Manage Streams -> Find Stream you want -> Edit Stream


Scroll down and you will see a section called “EPG Options“.


EPG Xtream Codes


From there you choose the EPG Source you want (you added it earler), and the channel ID that your channel should take the epg from.


Last but not least you can choose the language for your EPG Data. The language shown there is being fetched from the XMLTV File. If no languages are available you can leave this blank. If languages are available you must choose one.


Note 1: After assigning the channel id of the XML File with your stream, the EPG System must be reloaded. There is a cronjob running every 5 hours that update the EPG data of your stream. In case you don’t need to wait you can Force Reload the epg data by going to


Your Panel -> Manage Source -> Clicking on refreshing icon/force update button:


EPG Xtream Codes



Note 2:  To share the EPG to your users or another software/app that is asking for a separate URL for the EPG then you can use your normal m3u file but edit it by cutting the end off after the password and changing the bit that says “get.php?” with “xmltv.php?”




Please contact us if you need any assistance.